Explore The Ocean

Science Communication Lab

I had the opportunity to realize an interactive touch exhibit for exploring the ocean, the eco-system, climate and the science behind it.

As a centerpiece of the exhibit there is a interactive planet rendering on which we layered different types of data and info-visualization.

The planet rendering was a pure joy as it was a continuation of my ongoing research into beautifully rendering planets. This one is special in a way that you can look into the ocean through the water.

Another highlight was the data visualization of global wind and ocean currents via a particle system.


Read more about it on the web page of my awesome client Science Communication Lab


Scientific Concept & Research: Dr. Susanne Landis
Concept, Art Direction & 3D Design: Konrad Rappaport
Interface & Informationdesign: Manuel Reitz
Creative Development & Visual Design: Luna Nane
Project supervision & Concept: Prof. Tom Duscher