Cooarchi - A Community Oriented Archiving Tool

Cooarchi Open Source Team


In 2021 a I was part of a small Team which got funded from Prototype Fund to design and develop Cooarchi.

Cooarchi is an amazing concept that allows community oriented archiving with focus on non-hirarchical network data, which is represented in an interactive force directed graph in the web. Our thought was that especially communities forming around social events and spaces, would benefit from archiving tools, that put the shared experience and connectedness in focus, by maintaining anonymity and non-hirarchichal way of labeling or not-labeling and connecting data. This data can be text, images, audio and video.

The concept centeres around a simple input and data-association logic, which revolves around the concept of data-triplets (Element-Relation-Element). But try it out yourself:

In this project I did the Visualization and UI Design and Implementation.  

I did actually enjoy the intense d3.js workout that was involved with it. Plus it is really great to work open source.

I do think it is an amazing tool, that we are now rolling out with a handfull of institutions, like museums, clubs and festivals. Get in touch with me if you are interested in using Cooarchi yourself!