VVVV.js and WebGL Library


During my master thesis about procedural generation and some of the web-based interactive exhibits I worked on with Science Communication Lab, I had the opportunity to deep dive into WebGL and Javascript. over the course of two years I implemented many of the modern rendering techniques and procedural systems into the VVVV.js framework. Some of them i collected to a easy accessible example library, it is accessible here: https://github.com/tekcor/vvvv.js-examples

You can navigate the examples live in the browser in this iframe!

 Here is a list of things I was programming and using for my procedural generated web-based game-art project, which happend to be my master thesis project.

  • Physical Based Rendering
  • Instanced Particles
  • Procedural Materials
  • Multi-Texturing
  • Procedural Particle-Systems
  • Procedural Character Animation
  • GlTF Model Loading
  • Depth Based Effects like SSAO and Shadows
  • Water and Vegetation Rendering

So, lots of nice tools for further web-based artworks. Here are some screenshots.

Multi-Texturing, Procedural Materials and PBR:

GlTF Model Loading:

PBR Rendering with Parallax Occlusion Mapping:

VVVV.js Editor Screenshots