Scientific Poster / Marine Microbiology

Scientific Visualization
Science Communication Lab

This exhibit is diving deep into the science behind marine microbiology.

The touch screen exhibit is standing at the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology in Bremen.


I was working on a real-time 3d side view of the Atlantic ocean. The user can swipe over three screens, spanning the whole length from the American continent to African continent. There are different thematic topics in this special menu. And there are Carbon and Nitrogen cycles visualized on top of it. When the user selects an topic the exhibit switches to a per-rendered video and displays additional information about the topic.

I loved working with this detailed scientific content and the extra visual quality that we needed to achieve in order to deliver excellent scientific visualization.


Structural Concept: Tom Duscher, Konrad Rappaport
Scientific Concept & Research: Susanne Landis
Art Direction & 3D Design: Konrad Rappaport
Informationdesign: Manuel Reitz, Stephan Schakulat
Software & Programming: Luna Nane