In 2014 I was intensively working with geo data and was artistically reseraching about the the aesthetic and immersive potential of those data-sets. In the first instance I realized an audio-visual exhibit that generatively evolves sound and visuals based on geo-data. The first exhibit was shown in equip para in santa cruz de tenerife.

Later on I revisited this piece with more emphasis on interactivity and we connected with profesional dancers to realize a performance.

"In this immersive and interactive dance performance we discuss the discrepancy between body, mind and technology in our highly urbanized world. a world in which individuals are vanishing in the turbulent mass dynamics of the human civilization that is reshaping the face of the planet in an ever growing speed and scale."

Goes the official description. It was performed multiple times in Ars Electronica's amazing Deep Space.

For the dual-screen projection a visualization of urban data and live composed sound is used. The dancers are equipped with wearable electronics which connect the movements directly with the visual and sound.

The wireless motion-tracking devices were specifically designed for the purpose of being used in a dance situation. I had a lot of fun working on a Sun-Ra inspired case for the electronics that would protect the inside and be comfortable for the dancers wearing it on the wrist.