The House of Monstress Inteligenzia 



Beginning of 2022 I was part of an artist Team around the Project The House of Monstress Inteligenzia. The project was in collaboration with allapopp and Janne Kummer aka.alaska, who produced the piece and Portrait XO, who was working on AI generated music. My part was AI expertice, creative direction, creative technologies and visual arts.

In this project we worked on gathering and creating new queer-feminist perspectives on AI. While hands-on working with AI, we approached topics such as Bias in AI, but also explored future possibilities of how AI can for example shape the notion of body and gender.

We also started a Cookbook, an documentation of our results which will be freely available for everyone interested in approaching AI, in general but also in particular form a queer-feminist stand-point.

I had two months time to intensively work with AI methods, such as StyleGan and Clip Guided Diffusion or VQGan. I have to admit I left out on AI coding in the last couple of years, but I did in fact catch up with scientific papers and advance of methods while they were happening in recent years. So for me it was perfect to get hands-on in the context of this project.

We were quite interested in how to use StyleGan to train your own dataset. For example in this video the process is shown on how I retrained an existing neural network, which produces faces, to produce AI generated Versions of myself:

The resulting trainingdata of the StyleGan neural network can then be used to morph between the different AI versions of myself:

This is one of the many interesting results from our queer-feminist exploration into AI. There is lots more, which you can find in the full live recording of our presentation at HAU4:




Concept & artistic direction, performance & production: allapopp, Janne Kummer aka.alaska 

Creative direction, creative technology, visual arts, performance: Luna Nane 

Composition & sound: Portrait XO 

Stage & costume design: Josa David Marx 

Stage & costume assistance: Sina Kempe 

Live editing & video: Janine Müller 

Production management: Nora Liebetreu, Johanna Leifeld

With the kind support of: Despace Berlin

Production: allapopp & Janne Kummer aka.alaska. Co-production: HAU Hebbel am Ufer, FFT Düsseldorf. Supported by: Fonds Darstellende Künste.